What is KwaFare

So many times I’ve been asked for help booking trips, flights, award tickets. And I don’t mind. I love helping my friends and family with their travel plans and questions. Researching for a trip, figuring out the details, and finally getting to a new destination are some of my favorite pastimes. I have developed a slight obsession for seeing how much of an itinerary I can get booked with points and miles. And that’s how KwaFare came about.

Eiffel Tower against a blue sky on a fall day
Looking out onto Park Lane near Marble Arch London
Chichi for sale in Riviere-Pilote Martinique

KwaFare is an English play on the French expression “Quoi faire,” meaning “what to do.” And that’s exactly why I decided to create this blog. I want you to know what to do in various destinations and to find answers to travel questions often asked. I love sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned in my adventures along the way. Things that I hope can make travel more rewarding for you. 

I have always loved traveling, even if it just meant a couple provinces over where I grew up in Canada. Going somewhere new and different felt like a reset. Well, at least different, maybe not new. Family vacations were usually to the same place, but I loved them. We moved around a lot growing up, and that didn’t change much once grown. I’ve gone from Montreal to Toronto, Detroit, Greensboro, NC, and at present I live in Southern California with my hubby. My itchy feet have now carried me to over 37 countries and 5 of the 7 continents. I have a penchant for discovering new and familiar destinations, preferably with the right amount of chichi and panache for less cash more miles!  And I cannot wait to share with you how you can do it too.

Whether you’re overwhelmed planning a trip or stumped by the never-ending online search for details about a hotel or destination, I hope I can help. Travel and all it entails can be downright intimidating. But when you know “what to do” you’re already half way there.

Travel & love doing it Rebecca

Rebecca in front of a whole fried fish in the Mekong Delta Vietnam

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