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Lobby of the Protea Hotel Windhoek with 4 sitting chairs set in a circle around a small coffee table with fresh flowers and stunning glass covered pillars

Namibia has been on my list of places to go for some time. So when I was able to make a 5 day stopover there on my way to Libreville Gabon I was so excited. I was even more excited when I found out that Protea Hotels by Marriott were such a great points deal in this country. Chances are if you are traveling to Namibia you may be going through Windhoek, the capital. The Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof, ideally located in the business district of the Namibian capital, is a great Marriott deal if you are searching for a hotel in Windhoek.

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First off, the great thing about the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof is that you can book it with only 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy points. Nightly rates start at 5,000 points in low season and go up to 7,500 or 10,000 in high season. In fact, many of the Protea Hotels in Africa have incredible points redemption rates. In Namibia, all Protea Hotels by Marriott are category 1 properties and share these same points ratesThis is incredible value within the Marriott Bonvoy program and some of the best value I found for a hotel in Windhoek. Plus, any nights stayed with points count for elite nights towards your mattress run strategy with Marriott.

Keep in mind, this is a rather small hotel with only 2 floors and 40 rooms. In addition, if you have Marriott elite status and you are looking for an upgrade there are only 3 suites at the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof.  These are 2 bedroom suites with one queen bed in one room and 2 single beds in the other. As well, there are two Protea Hotels by Marriott in Windhoek, both with the exact same name except for the distinguishing last word.

Getting from the Windhoek airport to the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof

Since this was a solo trip I did not want to be struggling once I got to Windhoek airport trying to find a taxi and haggling over price. Not that I don’t love to haggle. But I’d never been to Namibia and I didn’t know what to expect, so I wanted to play it safe.

Having said that, I booked a shuttle from the main airport (Hosea Kutako International Airport) to my hotel in the city. This is almost a 40 minute drive through the dry and arid landscape outside of Windhoek. The shuttle cost 370 Namibian dollars (NAD) or roughly $25USD. Incidentally, South African rand and Namibian dollars can be used interchangeably in Namibia if you have this currency.


Entrance off of Independence Avenue to the Thuringerhof hotel Windhoek with two potted trees to the left and right of the doors
Hotel entrance off of Independence Avenue

It had been a long, arduous flight through a couple of airports, including a lengthy stopover in Tel Aviv.  Happily, once I walked into the hotel I was greeted by the most personable front desk agent who made me feel happy to have arrived at my final destination. Marriott, you will be happy to know that your people at this Protea Hotel are living by the Golden Rule. It’s incredible how far a sincere smile and a warm personality can go.

View of the reception area as you enter the hotel from Independence Avenue. The sitting chairs, benches and mirror covered pillars make it very inviting.

The front desk was small and unassuming, but the lobby was beautifully decorated. I loved the sitting chairs and the disco-inspired pillars. Interestingly, check-in and check-out times are a little different at the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof. Check-in is at 12pm and check-out is at 10am. As an added bonus, for those driving into Windhoek, the Protea Thuringerhof provides complimentary on-site parking.

The front desk at the Protea hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof with a large wall clock behind it and a picture of the Namibian president hanging on the wall
Front desk

Platinum Elite Welcome Gift at the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof

As all of us who frequent Marriott hotels know, Marriott Bonvoy offers a Platinum Elite Welcome Gift upon check-in. And at Protea Hotels in Africa it is no different. The Platinum Elite Welcome Gift choices at the Windhoek Thuringerhof Protea are:

  • a beverage: water, speciality coffee or tea, glass of red or white wine or a local beer from Namibia
  • 500 Marriott Bonvoy points per stay
  • a platter of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, premium mixed nuts or biltong

What is biltong you ask? This is a very popular snack in Namibia and South Africa. Put simply, it’s Namibia’s version of beef jerky. However, it does not taste processed at all. It is simply dried beef which is either seasoned or plain. So, of course I had to try the local biltong (and was kindly given cheese and crackers as well). Needless to say, I ate a lot of biltong in Namibia.

Platter of biltong and cheese and crackers garnished by sliced cucumbers
Biltong and cheese and crackers Platinum Elite Welcome Gift platter

In addition, the front desk agent told me a hot breakfast in the hotel restaurant is included in the hotel rate for everyone. The hotel website shows that the member rate includes breakfast. In that case, all you need to do to be sure you get your breakfast is sign up for Marriott’s loyalty program, Mariott Bonvoy. If you’re on a budget, this free breakfast saves you 195NAD or about $13USD.


First of all, this Protea Hotel is the one off of Independence Avenue, right at the corner Bahnhof Avenue. Funny enough, that is literally the address: Corner of Bahnhof & Independence Avenues, Windhoek. Google it!

A picture of photos of the Himba people of Namibia hanging in the hallway of the hotel

Upon entering the room, I was pleasantly surprised with how spacious the standard double guest room was. As well, I had a fantastic view of Windhoek’s Independence Avenue.

The bed, couch, TV, closet and a view of Independence Avenue from the window in the standard double guest room

Thankfully, the room was very clean, albeit a little dated. As I mentioned earlier, this is a category 1 Marriott property, so it is nothing fancy. However, it had everything you need for a comfortable, relaxed stay. Fortunately, there was a mini fridge where I could stash my snacks and drinks that I picked up at the store within walking distance of the hotel. Also, an electric kettle and coffee and tea supplies were provided, which included my favourite tea- South African rooibos. 

Fridge, couch, sitting chair, desk, TV and large window in the standard double guest room

I loved the black and white theme in the bathroom. Again, it was clean and simple. The bathtub shower had great water pressure and there were ample towels and a bathmat.

Bathtub, shower, toilet and towel rack in the bathroom of the standard double room
Sink, mirror and toiletries in the standard double room bathroom

Additionally, Protea Hotels in Namibia feature Eartherapy Africa toiletry products from South Africa.

Eartherapy Africa shampoo, body lotion, body wash and bar soap as well as a drinking glass on the bathroom glass shelf

All in all, the room was cozy and comfortable and definitely an excellent choice for a high value hotel in Windhoek, especially if using Marriott Bonvoy points.

Several pillows stacked on the double bed with headboard, nightstands and reading lights and Namibian artwork hanging above


The hotel has one restaurant, aptly named the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof Restaurant. The hours for the restaurant are Monday through Sunday 630am to 930pm. Plus, room service is available from the hotel restaurant.

Light shining in on the tables, chairs and booths in the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof Restaurant. The walls are decorated in slate and the roof in vibrant orange.
Tables and chairs in front of the breakfast counter spread with bread, fruits, cheeses and cold cuts in covered containers and cereal and juice. A cook's window opens onto the kitchen in the background.

For starters, the free hot breakfast included in the hotel rate is served every morning from 630am to 10am. This was one delicious and filling breakfast. Among other things, it includes juice, coffee, tea, cereals, cold cuts, cheeses, assorted breads, yogurt and a selection of fresh, dried and canned fruits and seeds. Keep in mind, this is not tropical Africa. Again, the climate in Namibia is very dry and arid. So, the fresh fruit options were limited.

Juices, cereals, dried fruits and seeds set up on the counter for breakfast at the Protea Hotel Windhoek

However, Namibians love meat. So the made to order sausage and eggs at breakfast made up for the lack of fresh fruit imho. There was a choice of pork or beef sausages, which seriously tasted like they had just been freshly made.

A breakfast of toast with cheese, salami and tomato on a small plate, a cup of coffee and an omelette, beans and tomato on a large plate on a table set for breakfast
Unfortunately I snapped this picture of my breakfast before my Namibian sausages came

In addition, there is a beautiful courtyard outdoor area where you can eat, relax and hold meetings.

Tables, chairs and umbrellas set up in the outdoor hotel courtyard surrounded by plants


Regrettably, this Windhoek Protea has no swimming pool or fitness centre. That is not to say that you won’t get your exercise if you decide to walk around downtown Windhoek or take one of the very interesting city tours. But as I mentioned, the hotel does provide complimentary wifi and onsite parking free of charge. Additionally, for business travelers to the city the hotel does have meeting event space.

Kwafare conclusion

In a nutshell, this is an excellent choice if you are traveling to Namibia and starting out your trip in Windhoek. Or if you are just planning on spending a couple of days in and around the city this is a good central location. Clean, great breakfast, spacious rooms and friendly staff made my stay at the Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof in Namibia very enjoyable.

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Pinterest graphic for Protea Hotel Windhoek Thuringerhof with a double bed in the double standard room in the background

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